Technique Tuesday: 1 year old Ava teaches us how to do a perfect sit back!

DISCLAIMER: our 1 year old model did not slow down for a minute to listen to any of our cues or suggestions with this exercise, but she 100% nailed it!

We can learn a lot from babies when it comes to movement… movement is self limiting and a baby only progresses to the next motor milestone when it has the necessary spinal, hip, and shoulder stability. No one has to tell 1 year old Ava to keep her spine straight or to move through her hips; it happens automatically.

As adults our body gets tight in some areas and weak in others due to the repetitive activities and postures of our everyday life. This is often what leads to pain and injuries. But, going back to the basics and re-uploading the fundamental “software” that allows us to move with the ease of an infant is a way to decrease your risk. Movements such as this sit-back exercise are a great example of one we should all re-learn what’s needed to demonstrate this same level of mastery!

Technique Tips:

– When doing this sit-back exercise the motion should come from your hips. Your spine should not move (or bend) at all.

– Only sit your hips back as far as you can without letting your spine move

– If you are struggling to feel whether or not your are doing this correctly place a stick on your back — maintain contact between the stick and your head, midback, and bum.

– As Ava demonstrates in this video, a great variation of the traditional sit-back is to cross 1 foot over the other (or just angle the foot inward) and perform the same sit-back exercise in this varied hip position.

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