Technique Tuesday: Single leg bum burner (ie- single leg bridge with cross arm push)


– Strengthen your glutes (bum) and hamstring

– Strengthen your abs to prevent rotation of your pelvis

Technique Tips:

– Start with both feet on the floor and knees bent

– Take a long full exhale and feel your ribs glide down (this helps get your spine in optimal position)

– Tuck your tailbone and feel your lower back make contact with the floor

– Stiffen your abs

– Press through your heel to lift your bum up —- keep your tailbone tucked and abs stiff!!

– Only lift as high as you can without losing the tailbone tuck and without using your lower back (do not lift your hips up too high; lifting too high is one of the most common mistakes we see with this exercise)

– Lift 1 leg up and bring your knee towards your chest — your hips and pelvis should not move!

– Press the opposite hand into the front of your knee

– Lower hips down to the floor and then back up

– When hips move up and down make sure your pelvis stays level!! It helps to imagine that you are reaching your lifted knee up towards the ceiling to prevent your hip from dropping down

– To make this more challenging lift the other arm up to the ceiling

You should not feel your lower back working during this exercise!! If you do feel it in your lower back first check that your tailbone is staying tucked and try doing it without lifting up as high. If you continue to feel it in your lower back you should likely work on double leg bridges before progressing to this exercise.

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