Technique Tuesday: Single Arm DB Press + Bridge


- 1 stability ball

- 1 dumbbell (likely lighter than you would use for a double arm dumbbell press)

- 1 mini band


- strength your deep core to prevent rotation of your pelvis and spine while you perform an upper extremity pushing task-- this is how our deep core needs to function throughout the day!

- strengthen your glutes

- strengthen your obliques

- strengthen your pecs / chest on top of a stable foundation

Technique Tips:

- drive through your heels to keep your hips lifted up, but keep your tailbone tucked and spine in a neutral position (you should NOT feel your lower back working!)

- keep knees pressed out against the band

- pelvis and spine should not move as you press the weight up and down --- if you are unable to prevent your pelvis from turning then the weight is likely too heavy! (most people will need to choose a weight that is LIGHTER than what they would use for a 2 arm DB press)

When done correctly you will feel the muscles working through your glutes / bum (likely more so on the same side as the weight, but don't worry, you will do it on both sides!), core, and pecs / chest.

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