Technique Tuesday: bear to squat

**SAFETY NOTE- you should not do this exercise if you do not have full hip range of motion or if you have pain while performing it.


- None! Just make sure you have enough space to perform safely.


- Re-train the brain to perform a squat in the manner we learned it as a baby -- from the GROUND UP

- Improve your squatting alignment

- Improve your ability to get your weight back onto your heels, which is important for optimal squatting mechanics

- Correct the imbalances that can cause the trunk to bend forward too much when squatting

- Increase strength through the hips, thighs, and core

- Increase hip mobility (*if you lack mobility due to a structural boney limitation, then this is not a good exercise for you)

Technique Tips:

- Start by breaking this exercise into smaller parts-

Part 1) bear position to the bottom of the squat with arms overhead

Part 2) once you master part 1 work on standing straight up from the bottom of the squat

- Spine should stay straight the whole time. Try it with a broom stick on your back -- work on keeping your spine and head against the stick the entire time!!

- At the bottom of the squat the weight should be through your HEELS

- Knees should stay in-line with your feet (do not let the knees dive in towards eachother)

When done correctly you will feel this working in your thighs, hips, and core.

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