Technique Tuesday: 90-90 Physioball Dead Bug


- Physioball


- Improve your core strength

- Improve your ability to move your arms / legs while maintaining spinal stability

Technique Tips:

- Keep your back pressing down into the floor the ENTIRE time!!

- Only lower the arm / leg as far as you can without your back lifting

- Keep pressure into the ball -- if someone's hand was under the ball they should not be able to push the ball out from your arms / legs

- Make sure your hips stay bent to 90 degrees --- if you have a bigger ball it is okay to let your arms start further back in order to ensure that your hips are bent to 90 degrees


**listed in order of increasing difficulty

- Hold the started position with arms and legs pressing into the ball and work on breathing while keeping your back pressed down into the floor.

- Move 1 arm back

- Lower 1 leg down

- Lower arm and opposite leg part of the way down

- Lower arm and opposite leg all of the way down

When done correctly you will feel this working through your core / abs! You should not feel it in your lower back at all!!

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