Technique Tuesday: Bum Blaster! (clamshell with wall push)

Try this modification of the traditional clamshell exercise!!

It is great way to "wake-up" your hips during your warm-up routine.

Technique Tips:

- Position yourself the correct distance from the wall -- lie on your side with your shoulders, hips, and knees in a straight line and your feet touching the wall

- Then pull knees up towards your chest (feet will come off of the wall)

- Place a small rolled up towel under your side

- Lift your side off of the towel roll slightly by sitting your top hip away from your shoulder

- Your spine and hip position is now set-up :) (do not let it change as you continue with the exercise)

- Lift your top leg up a few inches and press your foot back into the wall -- do not let your spine move or hip rock backwards!

- Keep your foot glued to the wall and lift your knee up (big toe knuckle is not allowed to lift from the wall)

- Move knee up and down without letting anything else move

Progression: to make this exercise more challenging place an ankle weight on the outer side of your knee.

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