Running Analysis
Running Analysis

Evidence estimates that nearly 50% of runners will miss time running in a given year. Biomechanics can contribute to this high rate. A running analysis is a comprehensive assessment of a runner’s biomechanics. This analysis is often a key component included in our physical therapy examination of runners/athletes. As part of this analysis, a CMPT Physical Therapist will utilize video and/or slow motion video to assess your running mechanics.

The data from these observations is of little value without combining it with a thorough body movement assessment. The assessment can help identify why the biomechanics are the way they are. This assessment is a methodical way of identifying abnormalities and inefficiencies that are present and helps in the development of a corrective program. The combination of the running analysis and a movement assessment allow us to create a personalized rehabilitation program that can ultimately expedite your recovery and /or increase your running efficiency.

Who should get a Running Analysis?

All abilities and ages of runners can benefit from a running analysis. This analysis can serve as a tool in the rehabilitation of a new or nagging injury, or serve as insurance to help prevent a future injury for new or elite runners.

Anyone looking to decrease their injury risk, improve efficiency of mechanics or identify possible vulnerabilities/imbalances that could lead to a running-related injury should seek a CMPT running analysis.

How do I schedule a Running Analysis?

If you are injured, we recommend scheduling a PT evaluation and using your health insurance to help cover the running analysis, which will be a component of a more thorough examination.

If you are uninjured and motivated to stay that way, the running analysis can be scheduled as a 1 hour evaluation with a CMPT therapist.

During your appointment, the therapist will start with a thorough history to learn about your training, goals and/or past injuries. Once complete, a running analysis and movement assessment will be performed and the results and summary of data attained will be shared. Based on these results, a personalized corrective/action plan will be established that may include specifically targeted exercises and/ or running drills.

How much does a Running Analysis cost at CMPT?

If you are experiencing an injury, the cost of the visit will often be covered by your health insurance. The patient cost of insurance visits will vary depending on your plan. These exams are 1 hour in duration.

If you are uninjured, the cost would be $125. These exams are 1 hour in duration.