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Movement Assessment

A Movement Assessment is a systematic evaluation of how a person moves with the intent of identifying the source of pain, chronic recurrent injury or an area of vulnerability.At CMPT, a Movement Assessment is often done as part of a physical therapy evaluation. Oftentimes, the cause of pain is not necessarily related to the area you are feeling it. For instance many knee pain issues can be traced to a trunk or hip imbalance or an ankle imbalance, or both.Identifying WHY something hurts is a key variable that separates CMPT from other PT offices. The site of pain is OFTEN not the source of the pain.

Who should have a Movement Assessment?

Anyone suffering from an overuse injury, recurrent injury or anyone with joint or muscular pain that was not the result of recent trauma would benefit from a Movement Assessment. This assessment could help to identify imbalances and asymmetries that may have caused the injury. Remember, the top 2 risk factors for an injury are asymmetries and a previous injury!

A Movement Assessment can also be a great PROACTIVE measure to prevent an injury from occurring. We will often see clients request a Movement Assessment before they begin training for an event (race, weight lifting, sport season, etc.). If you are going on a cross country road trip, wouldn’t you take your car to the shop for a tune up? CMPT therapists use this same logic for our patients so we can help them avoid injury and decreased function during their event.

What does a Movement Assessment entail?

CMPT’s standard evaluative system is the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment). The SFMA is a movement-based diagnostic system which can systematically help find the CAUSE of pain. We accomplish this by analyzing your movement patterns in a structured, repeatable way.

During a Movement Assessment, the therapist will evaluate your ability to move starting at your head and working down to your feet. Based on a grading scale, the therapist will be able to identify which movements are faulty. Once a faulty movement pattern is identified, the therapist will take the patient through a series of tests to identify if there is a mobility restriction or strength impairment. This is CRITICAL when determining an appropriate exercise program for the patient.

What does a Movement Assessment cost?

Movement Assessments are typically done during your initial evaluation. Therefore, insurance will cover this service.
If you are not a current patient, but would like a Movement Assessment, the cost is $125 for 60 minutes. This will include:

  • 60 Minutes with a CMPT Therapist
  • The therapist will get a thorough history and identify your goals
  • A series of diagnostic tests via our Movement Screen (SFMA)
  • Education and interpretation of data
  • An individualized exercise program to improve your movement quality and reduce the rate of injury!