Technique Tuesday: Side Plank Pull Through


– Improve core stability and strength

– Improve shoulder stability and strength — this exercise moves the shoulder joint / scapula ON-TOP of the arm bone; this is an important (and commonly neglected) component in training! Just think how many shoulder exercises you do where your arm is the piece of the exercises that is moving. We tend to lift, push, and pull with our arms. As you can see, in this exercise the arm stays stable, which works the rotator cuff in a reverse manner that is important for optimal shoulder function.

– Improve hip strength

Technique Tips:

– Make sure your whole body moves as 1 connected unit — shoulders and hips should move at the same rate when rotating down and back up!!

– Keep your ribs down and tailbone tucked (you should not feel this working in your lower back)

– Keep the ground pressed away with the bottom arm to ensure that your shoulder blade is not winging (not sticking out from the rib cage)

– Make sure your spine is in a straight line / hips are lifted up high enough

– Head should stay in line with your body the entire time

If you are having a tough time moving as 1 unit try making it slightly easier by doing the plank on your knees. Or, start off with a smaller movement and do not rotate down as far. If you do it with optimal form you will be able to progress to doing it on your feet and through the full range of motion before you know it!

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