Technique Tuesday: Roller Pull-Over


– long foam roller


– strengthen your abs while keeping your rib cage, spine, and pelvis in the right position

– improve your ability to stabilize your spine during overhead exercises

– improve your ability to maintain core stiffness while breathing

Technique Tips:

– exhale and feel your ribs glide down towards the roller (FULLY EXHALE!)

– inhale low into your belly while keeping the ribs down — it can be helpful to place an object on your belly to feel yourself breathing into that area

– take a few full exhales to set-up the position before you start moving your arms

– you should feel your lower back start to contact the roller by getting your ribs down (not by using your legs or tucking your tailbone)

– wiggle your legs to make sure that they are staying relaxed

– once you are ready, move the arms back on the exhale — make sure your ribs stay down!

– only move the arms as far as you can without your ribs lifting up

– inhale and return arms up to the starting position

This exercise is great for anyone who reaches above shoulder height day-to-day and for anyone who does overhead lifting at the gym!

Can you do this for 2-3 minutes without losing proper alignment? If you answered yes then it is time to go pick up some weights and move onto more challenging exercises! But, this can still be a great addition to your warm-up routine!

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