Technique Tuesday: midback rotational mobility and strength


– Foam roller for under your knee (or a folded pillow)


– Improve midback mobility / range of motion when turning

– Improve oblique strength

– Improve your ability to rotate through normal spinal range of motion

Technique Tips:

Part 1) Rib Roll- you should feel a stretch through your midback

– Make sure your hip does not rock back as you rotate through your midback — keep your knee pressing down into the roller!

– Hold for 2-3 full exhales and feel a stretch through your midback

Part 2) Forearms and knees midback rotation- you should feel your core and obliques working

– Keep your core stiff the whole time

– When you lift your hand up make sure your spine does not move and hips do not shift

– As you rotate up towards the ceiling hips should not move at all

– Make sure you keep the ground pressed away with your arm —- your goal is to rotate directly on-top of your bottom shoulder

– Hold up for a full exhale

This exercise is GREAT for those who spend long hours sitting at a desk, golfers, and runners! If you have a significant difference on the left and right then you should do more reps on the more challenging side!

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