Technique Tuesday: half kneeling step-through


– 2-inch pad for under your knee — at home you can use a textbook with a yoga mat folded on top or a pillow. **It is important that your knee is elevated up 2-3 inches to allow for optimal mechanics with this exercise!

– 1 weight (typically ~25-45 lbs)


– Improve stability when balancing on 1 leg

– Improve your hip / glute strength

– Improve your ability to maintain a stable trunk and spine position when performing a marching task — core stability!

Technique Tips:

– Half kneeling position: make sure you set-up this posture with a level pelvis and neutral spine — there should be a straight line from your shoulder to your hip and down to your knee. Make sure your hip is not hiked up on the side with your leg in front. And, make sure your front knee is bent to 90 degrees

– When stepping the leg back and forth your pelvis and spine should not move at all!! — no rotation and no hiking your hip up!

– Core should stay stiff throughout

– Try not to put the knee down as you step the leg back and forth

– Make sure you grip the weight with a “packed” shoulder

You should feel this exercise working through the glute of the leg you are kneeling on and your core / abs!

This exercise is GREAT for runners to use as a warm-up and as a technique drill — if you have a significant difference on the left and right then this is something you want to address, as it shows that you are at an increased risk of injury.

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