Technique Tuesday: Side Sit + Row

Yesterday I was walking through the gym and saw Matt McLeod, CSCS (strength coach and exercise specialist at CMPT) doing this Side Sit + Row exercise with one of his clients… it is a GREAT combination exercise that accomplishes so much in 45 seconds!


– Resistance Band


– Strengthen your glutes and obliques as a functional unit (ie- in the manner you use them to function ALL DAY EVERYDAY)

– Strengthen your core stabilizers to resist spinal rotation and resist spinal side bending

– Strengthen your rotator cuff as a stabilizer on 1 arm and as a dynamic mover on the other arm

Technique Tips:

– Drive your bottom knee down into the floor and try to place as little weight (or no weight) through your bottom foot

– Keep the ground pushed away with your bottom elbow

– Keep your tailbone tucked and spine neutral (straight line)

– Do not let your body move while you perform the row

When done correctly you will feel the muscles working through your outer hip (of the bottom leg), side / oblique, abs, and the back of your shoulder.

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